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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 24 May 2019

Whenever an application hangs, we rely on the trusty Task Manager to shut it down and put it out of our misery. This wonderful tool has had many design modifications over the years, but if you prefer the old style, with a layout that makes more sense, than DTaskManager is the tool you want. It serves the same purpose as the default tool, but it comes with more options, and it makes everything faster and easier. The best part is that it's not just a clone of the classic Task Manager. The software comes with some new functions, including three different ways of shutting down unresponsive applications.

The software is absolutely free, and you can just extract it from a ZIP archive, without installing anything. It doesn't rely on any third-party tools or services, and it doesn't require a significant amount of memory or processing power.

The layout of DTaskManager's user interface is similar to that of the classic Task Manager you may know from Windows 7. It displays running applications, processes, performance statistics and much more on a series of tabs. Additionally, the software presents more buttons in the lower part of the window, where you might only expect an "End Task" button, and if you take a closer look at the tabs, you will also find port and Kernel, among others, which you don't see in the normal Task Manager, not even in Windows 10.

Besides ending an application or a process, DTaskManager lets you perform other actions as well. For example, you can deliberately freeze a process or suspend it if you don't want to shut it down, but you could use the extra free memory. Of course, you can resume a task at any time in the exact same manner, by selecting it in the list and clicking a button.

If a process is too stubborn to shut down when you hit the "End Task" button, you could use the "Kill Task" or "Kill Task Override" to close it. These options are invaluable in situations in which you are kept waiting because an application hangs and keeps you from your work, and it takes some time before an actual error message pops up and lets you resume what you were doing. You can deal with unresponsive applications and focus on your important tasks much faster than you would with the old Task Manager.

Using DTaskManager for a few minutes is all it takes to realize that you won't have better control over your running applications and other system components if you go back to the classic Task Manager.


The software supports three different methods of shutting down apps and processes. It has a similar appearance to the Windows 7 Task Manager, so you will feel right at home with it. DTaskManager is lightweight, and it doesn't need to be installed.


There are no obvious issues to address.



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